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taranaki rift architecture architecture

THE TARANAKI RIFT by Architecture Architecture

The Taranaki Rift by Architecture Architecture is an in-depth insight into the very best of Australian innovative architecture.

The design story of the project was defined by the unique ecological environment of the Brunswick area.The Taranaki Rift is an inner-suburban rupture off the east bank of Brunswick, initiated in the early-Turnbullian, due to the expansion of the Goodman van Dyke cluster. This highly unusual feature is the result of intra-plate movement in the sedimentary accretions of the post-Menzian era, resulting in a heterogenous formation of mineral deposits and clays.

Architecture Architecture dramatically reimagined this quaint inner city Melbourne house into a family home with four bedrooms, and a generous open plan living/ dining/ kitchen area that opens up onto the outside deck.

taranaki rift architecture architecture

The existing red brick building was altered dramatically through an innovation series of bespoke architectural insertions. A 3D formed steel door, boxed out floating windows and a metal plate awning are all aspects of the redesign of the Taranki Rift project.

taranaki rift project architecture

The interior was given a greater sense of natural light through a new skylight. Further visual interest is provided via a built timber seat and circular floor set down at arrival lined in metal.

The Taranaki Rift project was a finalist in the residential alterations and additions category at the 2018 ArchiTeam Awards.

taranaki rift architecture architecture
architecture architecture project
  • Words James Lyall Smith
  • Photography Tom Ross

31 Aug 2022
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Gallery of The Taranaki Rift by Architecture Architecture

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