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host house by spliter society architecture

Composed Contrast – Host House by Splinter Society Architecture

Inspired by a love of bringing people together, Host House combines existing heritage features with a more contemporary and open occupation of volumes. Splinter Society Architecture balances vertical and horizontal expressions across the site, creating and emphasising contrast and form.

Like many of its neighbours in Brunswick East, Host House retains remnants of its past integrated into the new as a respectful nod to place.

Originally housing a worker’s cottage, the site felt underutilised and, whilst humble in scale, its formal separation across the plan felt limiting within a more modern context.

To integrate the historical elements within the existing, the cottage form is extruded lengthways deeper into the site, maintaining the original silhouette and gesturing to the once formal intent.

As a layering of contrast, the upward addition sees a bold and commanding darker extrusion emerge from the site, adding a level above.

The increased volume proposed by Splinter Society Architecture gives way to an ideal combined living space to generously host visitors throughout the year.

host house project by splinter society

A similar approach to the encasing materiality is utilised internally, seeing a primarily monochromatic series of finishes come together throughout the interior.

The owners’ love of travel and engaging with different people from diverse backgrounds inspired the newly open connectedness of the planning. The kitchen plays an integral role as both a place of entertaining, nurturing and preparation whilst also being a key place to gather.

There is a deliberate sense of drama created from the outset, both in how the old and new traverse and how they are oppositely clad; the old retains its modesty in white whilst the new is expressed in dark. A similar approach to the encasing materiality is utilised internally, seeing a mostly monochromatic series of finishes come together throughout the interior.

splinter society architecture project

The asymmetry of the structure aims to throw the controlled nature of the form off-kilter, adding an element of surprise and, in turn, softening the otherwise imposing form amid the surrounding context.

Retaining the history whilst lessening the waste of the existing home, the structure is repurposed and interwoven with a sustainable approach. Increasing access to natural light and openings allows for greater solar and climate control throughout whilst rough sawn timber and integrated mechanisms ensure a reduced reliance on outside energy sources.

Remaining true to its name, Host House funnels its residents and visitors to the open gathering space. Furthering a connection to craft, Splinter Society Architecture ensures all introduced elements align alongside the home’s original foundations.

host home residential

Words by Bronwyn Marshall
Architecture by Splinter Society Architecture
Photography by Sharyn Cairns
Interior Design by Splinter Society Architecture
Styling by Splinter Society Architecture

written by : Bronwyn Marshall
9 Aug 2022
published in :

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