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in bed melbourne showroom flack studio

IN BED Armadale Store by Flack Studio

Under the guidance of Flack Studio, IN BED has created a haven of calm in the buzzing high-end shopping precinct of High Street Armadale. The linen, homewares and bedding retailer worked closely with Flack Studio to bring an atmosphere of tranquillity into the store – the second location for IN BED, and its first in Melbourne – creating a sense of repose, befitting the brand’s ethos.

Seeking to represent the warmth and comfort of IN BED products while also capturing something of the essence of the place in the new Melbourne store, Pip Vassett, Founder and Director of IN BED, knew that it was essential to work with a quintessentially Melbourne designer – one who could incorporate their love of the city into the core of the design.

Flack Studio’s mastery of mixing together unexpected colours and textures complements IN BED’S own philosophy, “in the way that it is unpretentious but still elevated […] from quality materials that are made to last,” Pip explains.

Moreover, Flack Studio’s residential approach to commercial design – focusing on the experiential qualities of the space and evoking a sense of comfort, luxury and personality – ideally captures both the emotional resonance and functionality of bedding and homewares.

in bed melbourne by flack studio

Visitors connect with the store’s heritage context via the tactile material palette that celebrates history through a contemporary lens. “Material selection is always driven by the location,” says David Flack, Director of Flack Studio. “Working in a heritage precinct [this] is really important.”

Upon entering the store through the curved, brass-handled doors, visitors find themselves enamoured by the mixed terrazzo threshold that heralds the interplay of texture and colour within. The interior walls are brought to life with a textural paint finish, while timber, natural stone and linen all imbue a sense of timelessness and permanence.

in bed flack studio

IN BED Melbourne Store Design

Moving through the store, beautifully crafted joinery with brass and leather detailing draws one further in and not only displays the products for sale but also conveys a sense for how they would feel within the home.

David describes how “IN BED [has] approached the merchandising of the products [so] they almost become a part of the space. You’ve just got a few pieces delicately placed within the shelving, so it doesn’t feel heavy with merchandise.” Further linking each space is the ambient lighting throughout, with Akari lamps and perforated brass wall sconces creating a warm, moody and gentle atmosphere.

With Armadale being the second IN BED bricks-and-mortar location, the flagship store located in Sydney has been honoured here. Yet while the timber joinery and warm Akari lamps link Armadale to its sister store in Paddington, Flack Studio has made sure that this space also stands as a destination all of its own.

“I’m really proud of what this space means for IN BED,” Pip reflects. “It celebrates what’s important to us as a brand – quality, longevity and doing things well and with intention.”

Words by Brett Winchester
Photography by Sean Fennessey & Terence Chin
Interior Design by Flack Studio

written by : Brett Winchester
12 Aug 2022
published in :

Gallery of IN BED Melbourne Showroom by Flack Studio